Level Out Your Land

Get the grading and erosion control services you need in Statesville & Hickory, NC

Get your build started on solid ground. Galle Excavation and Tree Care can take care of the grading services for you. We use state-of-the-art equipment to even out the ground on your property. We use excavators, track loaders and dump trucks to move dirt around. By grading your land, we can make sure your site is ready for construction or a new landscaping project.

Request our grading services today in Statesville & Hickory, NC.

Keep soil from shifting

Part of our grading work includes erosion control services. We know how to minimize erosion on your property. We can spare you a lot of stress by dealing with water drainage issues before problems arise.

In addition to grading and excavation services, we can also help with material hauling. Our crew can haul:

  • Dirt
  • Gravel
  • Brush

Learn more about the erosion control services we offer in the Statesville & Hickory, NC area by contacting us today.

Avoid structural issues down the road

Building on uneven land can lead to serious structural issues down the road. That's why you should call on Galle Excavation and Tree Care for land grading services in the Statesville & Hickory, NC area. Our professional land grading and erosion control services can:

Keep your foundation from shifting or sinking
Prevent drainage issues and land erosion
Make it easy to install hardscaping features
Improve the condition of your soil

Reach out right away to arrange for land grading services you can depend on. Our erosion control services can help prevent major damage to your landscape.